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Garrett THD Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector

Article number: 386

THD is a small handheld metal detector used to find weapons and other metal objects, hidden in the body and in the clothing. 
Police and guards have it in a holster (included) eg on a belt. It is easy to develop for discreet, flexible and quickly scan a person. 
THD:  has no speaker. When a hidden object found so vibrates detector and LED lights. 
This is the most rugged, compact metal detector available.

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  • Description

    Garrett THD Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector

    The Garrett THD Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector is a small and portable device designed to detect weapons and other metal objects that may be concealed on a person's body or clothing. It is commonly used by police officers, security guards, and other law enforcement personnel to ensure safety and security in various settings.

    Locates Concealed Items and Metal Objects

    The Garrett THD security wand detects ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel objects, contraband or other metallic objects with ultra-quick response time. All silent operation and Red LED indicator light allow the officer to maintain tactical advantage while scanning and retrieving metallic items. Bright LED flashlight at tip of unit for low light and / or night operation. The Green LED indicates unit is on, and changes to Amber when battery needs replacing.

    Key Features:

    • Compact and lightweight design for easy portability
    • Can be conveniently carried in a holster (included) on a belt
    • Discreet and flexible scanning capabilities
    • No speaker; alerts through vibration and LED lights when a metal object is detected
    • Rugged construction for durability and longevity

    The Garrett THD Metal Detector is known for its reliability and efficiency in detecting hidden metal objects. Its compact size allows for quick and efficient scanning of individuals, making it an essential tool for security professionals who require fast and accurate results.

    Whether you are conducting security checks, investigating potential threats, or enforcing safety protocols, the Garrett THD Tactical Hand-Held Metal Detector is a dependable choice that can assist you in maintaining a safe and secure environment.

    Ultra sensitive response to all ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects.
    Compact and rugged. The portable Garrett THD is ideal for law enforcement, schools, bars, clubs and for corporate security.
    360º Detection field Powerful 4-inch detection length. Silent vibrating alarm with red LED alarm indicator.
    Water resistant construction. Meets IEC 529 IP66 standards.
    Bright LED flashlight for low light and night operations.
    Useful for scanning IDs and for searching pockets, handbags.
    No adjustments required.

    Accurate detection of all ferrous, nonferrous and stainless steel weapons, contraband and other metallic objects.
    Powerful 4-inch length, 360º detection area.
    Does not require adjustments.
    360° Detection Field with PinPointing Tip
    Rugged, high-impact case with weatherproof rubber grip.

    Easy ON/OFF
    Rugged, high-impact case with weatherproof rubber grip. 
    Silent vibrating with Red LED alarm indicates the detection of metal.

    Three-color LED indication, no sound.
    Green LED = ON
    Red LED = ALARM

    Operating Temperatures -37º C to 70º C
    Width 8.3 cm
    Thickness 4.1
    Length 22 cm
    Total Weight 200 grams

    Ballistic weave holster included. Mounts easily on belt or in car.
    No tools required to change standard 9V battery (included).

    PN: 1165900

    Made in the USA by Garrett metal Detectors
    Warranty: 3 Years, Limited Parts/Labor