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Gold pan, black 39269097

Article number: 103

The Klondike Special is light, it only weighs 300 gram and of course, it floats.

Diameter 36.5 cm, 8 cm deep. A normal full size pan.

The pan has a natural matt surface which improves panning.

It has 5 deep traps that effectively captures all the gold.

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  • Description

    The Klondike Special is our absolute best and most sold pan. We have delivered tens of thousand Klondike Special. Almost all gold miners uses this model, that speaks for itself!

    Made in Sweden from super strong plastics that lasts a lifetime.

    It is the only gold pan that does not need to be cleaned or scoured with steel wool before being used, as we have removed all traces of oil or grease.

    You can use a magnet to remove black sand since it is made of plastic.

    Plastic doesn't rust.

    (The only difference between the pans is its color)


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