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GPX 17" COIL Fits GPX 6000

Article number: 3011-0427

The GPX 17" x 13" elliptical Monoloop is the top performer when searching for larger deep nuggets in less conductive (salty) ground. It can effectively cover large areas of ground quickly and efficiently.

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  • Description

    GPX 17" COIL Fits GPX 6000

    The GPX 17" Coil is a high-quality search coil specifically designed to fit the GPX 6000 metal detector. It is an essential accessory for serious gold prospectors and treasure hunters who want to get the most out of their GPX 6000.

    Key Functions:

    • Superior Sensitivity: The GPX 17" Coil is engineered to provide unmatched sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the smallest gold nuggets and treasures buried deep underground.
    • Increased Depth: With its larger size compared to the stock coil, the GPX 17" Coil delivers exceptional depth capabilities, enabling you to search in areas that were previously inaccessible.
    • Enhanced Ground Coverage: Thanks to its wide diameter, this search coil allows you to cover more ground with each sweep, saving you time and reducing the chances of missing out on valuable targets.
    • Advanced Target Separation: The GPX 17" Coil features advanced target separation technology that helps you distinguish between multiple targets in close proximity, allowing you to precisely pinpoint and isolate your desired finds.
    • Durable and Water-resistant: Built to withstand rugged outdoor conditions, this search coil is water-resistant, ensuring it can handle wet environments without compromising its performance.

    Whether you're searching for gold, relics, or other valuable treasures, the GPX 17" Coil is a must-have accessory that will greatly enhance your prospecting and detecting experience with the GPX 6000 metal detector.