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Handbook for detectorists

Article number: 804

Here you have the most complete book ever written by a detection with extensive experience. 
360 pages with things that you can benefit from. 

The different chapters is about: 
1. Metal detectors are generally 
2. History of Metal Detectors 
3.How Does a Metal Detector work.
4. Accessories and various search techniques 
5.Which detector should choose 
6. How deep is different detectors 
7. The metal detector, a friend for life 
8. Good places to detect in 
9. Seek out treasures 
10. Detecting for gold 
11. Detecting by meteorites 
12. Archaeology and metal detectors 
13. Identify different types of metals 
14. Collect, clean and protect your finds 
15. Document, photograph and catalog your findings 
16. Recognizing and date your finds 
17. Find ways to work together with authorities 
18. Metal detection and the Law 
19. Clubs, newspapers and internet sites 
20. Other useful things that can be helpful to know. 

It is in English.

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