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Minelab Coiltek 15" All Terrain Search Coil

Article number: 449

With this large coil your detector will search much deeper than what it does with its standard coil. 
Weight: 730 grams. 
Installed in 2 minutes. 
No tools are required. 

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  • Description

    Coiltek for Minelab FBS 37 cm WOT Round Coil


    • Allows your detector to search deeper than what it does with its standard coil
    • Weighs only 730 grams, equivalent to a standard pole
    • Easy installation, takes only 2 minutes with no tools required


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    Product Description

    The Coiltek for E-Trac WOT 37 cm round coil is the perfect upgrade for your metal detector. With this coil, your detector can search deeper than what it does with its standard coil, allowing you to uncover hidden treasures that were once out of reach. The coil weighs only 730 grams, which is no more than a standard pole, ensuring that it won't weigh you down during your search. Plus, it can be installed in just 2 minutes without the need for any tools.

    This Coiltek coil is designed specifically for use with the Minelab FBS metal detector, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. It is a high-quality product manufactured by Coiltek, a trusted brand in the metal detecting industry known for their innovative designs and durable products.

    Upgrade your metal detecting experience with the Coiltek for Minelab WOT 37 cm round coil and start uncovering deeper targets with ease.