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Minelab GPX 5000

Article number: 420

Minelab have done it again. Several brand new features make the GPX 5000 the best gold detector in the world! 
With a completely new and rich array of features is the GPX 5000 is not only superior to its predecessor, the GPX-4500, but it is an entirely new class of their own. It sets a new standard for gold detectors. 
The metal detector will find a thumbtack at 16 cm, a silver coin of 35 cm and a small gully at 110 cm. More depth numbers, see specifications above. 
(With the large coil, Coiltek 24 X 14 inches, found a tack of 24 cm, a silver coin of 52 cm and a small gully at 148 cm.) 
Suitable for
Finding both small and large gold nuggets (nuggets).

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  • Description
    GPX 5000 has 8 different predefined application ( positions). It is simple to use. This means that you can not fail when you are out looking for gold.
    The detector will find everything from really small nuggets ( nuggets ) , up to the really big nuggets that we all dream of . With this detector , you will find what you seek.
    GPX 5000 has unique features and functions. We promise that you can detect the soft and quiet even in difficult , highly mineralized soils , where gold is usually available , while maintaining a detection depth and a great sensitivity to gold nuggets.
    All serious prospectors know that GPX detectors find more gold, much deeper than all other detectors . We can guarantee you that this is the world's currently best gold detector.
    This includes:
    3 year warranty.
    1st . 27 -cm mono search coil .
    1st . 27 cm 's DD ( double D) search coil .
    Headphones .
    Battery , rechargeable Lithium -Ion.
    Charger , 220 Volt.
    Charger, 12 Volt.
    Baby Carrier .
    The booklet ' Metal Detector - practical advice and tips . "
    DVD with a Swedish film about how to detect .
    We do not sell any "slimmed-down low-cost detectors." Ours are complete, with everything that came with from the factory. 
    There are numerous different search coils with specific properties. 
    None at all, except that if you want to use all the subtleties you must read and understand the manua 
  • Specification
    Stort guldkorn 4 mm 2
    Häftstift 16
    Gevärskula 32 mm 36
    Silvermynt 21 mm 35
    75 mm vanlig spik 47
    100 mm vanlig spik 48
    Vanlig morakniv 66
    Gränsrör 38 mm 79
    Brunnslock/Däxel 110
    Stora metallföremål Mer än 155
    Teknologi MPS, DVT & SETA
    Frekvenser Bi-Level, Advanced Pulse Induction
    Diskriminering Iron Reject: range 1 to 10 & Off (All Metal).
    Inbyggda minnesfack Fabriksinställningar
    Sökspole 2 stycken 11 tums spolar
    Variabel känslighet 1
    Pinpoint -1
    Volymkontroll 1
    Markbalansering Ja avancerad markbalansering
    Tonkontroll Ja
    Siffer & grafisk display 1
    Belyst display 1
    Fler finesser & möjligheter Många och mycket avancerade
    Detektorn kan delas i 4
    Detektorns vikt 2,4 kilo
    Största längd, utdragen 130
    Minsta längd, ihopskjuten 110
    Batterityp Litium Ion
    Batteritid, NiMH-batteriet 16
    Batteriladdare för NiMH-batt Ja, för Litium Ion batteriet
    Extra batterikassett Nej
    Batteritid, alkaliska batterier Nej
    Varning för svaga batterier 1
    Kartongens storlek 90 x 32 x 14
    Total fraktvikt 8
    Bruksanvisning Ja, på engelska
    Hörlursuttag Ja
    Hörlurar Koss
    Inbyggd högtalare Nej
    Vattentät Nej