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Minelab SDC 2300 Standard Headphones

Article number: 3011-0253

Enjoy crystal-clear audio that helps you find even the smallest object. These headphones are specially designed for Minelab SDC 2300

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  • Description

    Minelab SDC 2300 Standard Headphones

    This high-quality headphone for Minelab SDC 2300 enables you to clearly hear your metal detector's tones. The ear cushions on the headphones give comfort to your ears and its full ear coverage effectively blocks out most of the outside noises. 

    Key Features:

    • High-quality sound: Enjoy crystal-clear audio that helps you find even the smallest object.
    • Comfortable design: The adjustable headband and soft ear cushions allow for a customized and comfortable fit.
    • Noise isolation: The closed-back design helps to block out external noise, allowing you to fully focus on your metal detektor.
    • Wide compatibility: These headphones are specially designed for SDC 2300
    • Durable construction: Made with high-quality materials, these headphones are built to last.

    These Headphones ARE NOT waterproof.

    Can all headphones work with a metal detector?
    Many people wonder if they can use any headphones for metal detecting. And the answer is simply yes.
    You can use any headphones or airpods with your metal detector.

    Best headphones for metal detecting
    Metal detectors have a built-in speaker, using headphones has some advantages (and disadvantages too).

    They will extend battery life. If they are well insulated, they help you get rid of ambient noise and focus better.

    They are also a must if you are out prospecting for gold or other small objects and the headphones help you listen to the faint signal caused by small nuggets that you cannot hear otherwise.

    The signal from the detector's speaker can disturb the surroundings and then it is much better to use headphones.
    With headphones you dampen the noise.

    Keep in mind that earmuffs get hot in the summer. In this case, airpods are the best to use. With this in mind, I think it's good to have headphones, full ear headphones and a wireless system together.