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Minelab X-Terra Elite Expedition Pack

Article number: 3707-0003

Minelab X-Terra Elite Expedition Pack

A fully waterproof, fully powered Multi-IQ metal detector made for you who really want to try metal detecting. The Elite Expedition Pack comes with an extra search coil and wireless headphones. You don't have to compromise, Minelab's X-Terra Elite offers an impressive set of features from 6 search modes and high resolution object identification, 25 levels of sensitivity and 4 levels of iron discrimination.

All experienced metal detectorists and beginners alike will love Minelab's new X-Terra Elite. Great detector with lots of power and yet easy to use at a really good price.

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  • Description

    Minelab X-Terra Elite Expedition Pack

    What is Multi-IQ

    The Multi-IQ technology in the X-Terra Elite is essentially the same as that used in other Minelab Multi-IQ metal detectors such as the Vanquish and Equinox and works just as well on the beach as in a park or farmland.
    The X-Terra Elite includes a 15 kHz single frequency option for Park and Field search modes.

    How does the X-Terra Elite compare to other Minelab detectors?

    While the Vanquish series of detectors are ideal for metal detecting beginners due to their easy availability and ease of use, the Minelab X-Terra Elite is the step up to a more configurable and powerful and easy-to-use Multi-IQ platform. The increased control allows the user to get more performance from their detector. The X-Terra Elite is also waterproof to 5m (16 feet).

    Which search coils can be used?

    The X-Terra Elite comes with a V12X, 12-inch elliptical Double-D search coil while the X-Terra Elite Expedition Pack comes with a V12X, 12-inch and V8X, 8-inch elliptical Double-D search coil.
    The X-Terra Elite is also compatible with all X-Terra Pro and Equinox search coils.

  • Specification
    Stort guldkorn 4 mm
    Gevärskula 32 mm
    Silvermynt 21 mm
    75 mm vanlig spik
    100 mm vanlig spik
    Vanlig morakniv
    Gränsrör 38 mm
    Stora metallföremål
    Inbyggda minnesfack
    Variabel känslighet
    Siffer & grafisk display
    Belyst display
    Fler finesser & möjligheter
    Detektorn kan delas i
    Detektorns vikt
    Största längd, utdragen
    Minsta längd, ihopskjuten
    Batteritid, NiMH-batteriet
    Batteriladdare för NiMH-batt
    Extra batterikassett
    Batteritid, alkaliska batterier
    Varning för svaga batterier
    Kartongens storlek
    Total fraktvikt
    Inbyggd högtalare