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Plastic Screw kit Minelab Coils

Article number: 3011-0141

Plastic Screw kit Minelab Coils

Made for the coils of Minelab GPX, Excalibur II, Sovereign, Eureka and older Minelab metal detectors.

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  • Description

    Plastic Screw Kit for Minelab Coils

    A must-have for any Minelab metal detector enthusiast, the Plastic Screw Kit is designed specifically for Minelab Coils. This repair kit is essential for maintaining and repairing your Minelab metal detector coils, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance.

    The kit includes:

    • 4 Plastic Teardrop Washers
    • 2 Nylon Wing Nuts
    • 2 Nylon Screws, Long
    • 4 Velcro Straps
    • 2 Nylon Spacers
    • 2 Nylon Screws, Short

    Key Features:

    • Compatible with all Minelab Coils
    • High-quality plastic construction
    • Easy installation and replacement
    • Includes all necessary screws
    • Ensures a secure fit for your coil
    • Designed for durability
    • Improves performance and accuracy

    With the Plastic Screw Kit for Minelab Coils, you can quickly and easily replace damaged or worn out screws on your metal detector coils. This kit includes all the necessary screws to ensure a secure fit for your coil, preventing any loose or wobbly connections.

    The plastic construction of the screws ensures durability, allowing them to withstand frequent use in various environmental conditions. These high-quality screws are designed specifically for Minelab Coils, guaranteeing optimal performance and accuracy while detecting hidden treasures.

    Whether you are a professional treasure hunter or an occasional enthusiast, the Plastic Screw Kit for Minelab Coils is an essential accessory to have in your gear. Keep your metal detector coils in top shape and maximize your detecting potential with this reliable and convenient repair kit.

    Made by Minelab.