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Pro-Find 15 Minelab Pinpointer

Article number: 422

The Pro-Find 15 offers essential core pinpointer features in a waterproof housing, designed for simplicity and ease of use with audio target indication. Locate coins, rings & gold with speed & accuracy.

Puls detector technology for accurate metal detection.

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  • Description

    Pro-Find 15 Minelab Pinpointer

    Product Overview

    The Pro-Find 15 Minelab Pinpointer is a high-quality metal detector designed for treasure hunting, jewelry and coin finding, and locating lost items. With its advanced features and reliable performance, this pinpointer is a must-have tool for metal detecting enthusiasts.

    Key Features

    • Puls detector technology for accurate metal detection
    • Inbuilt coil for easy and efficient searching
    • Automatic ground balancing for enhanced performance
    • Pinpoint function for precise target location
    • Good discrimination with 12 individual metal windows
    • Waterproof design, submersible up to 1 meter


    Fully Programmable

    • 2 Pre-programmed modes for finding jewelry and coins
    • All-metal mode for detecting all metals from iron to gold

    Accurate Depth Detection

    The Pro-Find 15 can detect various targets at different depths:

    • Thumbtack: 14 cm
    • Silver coin: 22 cm
    • Small gully: 60 cm

    Customizable Discrimination

    With 12 individual metal windows, you can choose which metals or alloys to target. It's easy to block out signals from unwanted metals, so you only hear what you're searching for.

    Easy to Use

    • Simple and intuitive controls
    • Compact and lightweight design for easy handling
    • Comes with a user manual in English


    • Technology: Puls detector
    • Battery Type: 9 Volts PP3 (not included)
    • Battery Life: 30 hours with alkaline batteries
    • Waterproof: Yes, up to 1 meter
    • Weight: 0.2 kg
    • Length: 24 cm (extended), 24 cm (collapsed)

    For detailed specifications, please refer to the product manual.



    Minelab is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality metal detectors. With their innovative designs and superior performance, Minelab products are widely used by both professional and amateur treasure hunters worldwide.

  • Specification
    Stort guldkorn 4 mm 1
    Häftstift 2
    Gevärskula 32 mm 2
    Silvermynt 21 mm 2
    75 mm vanlig spik 3
    100 mm vanlig spik 3
    Vanlig morakniv 4
    Gränsrör 38 mm 5
    Brunnslock/Däxel 10
    Stora metallföremål 10
    Teknologi Puls detektor
    Frekvenser Okänt
    Diskriminering Nej
    Inbyggda minnesfack Nej
    Sökspole Inbyggd spole
    Variabel känslighet -1
    Pinpoint 1
    Volymkontroll -1
    Markbalansering Automatisk
    Tonkontroll Nej
    Siffer & grafisk display -1
    Belyst display -1
    Fler finesser & möjligheter Enkel och bra
    Detektorn kan delas i 1 del
    Detektorns vikt 0,2 kilo
    Största längd, utdragen 24 cm
    Minsta längd, ihopskjuten 24 cm
    Batterityp 9 Volts PP3 ingår ej
    Batteritid, NiMH-batteriet Ingår ej
    Batteriladdare för NiMH-batt Ingår ej
    Extra batterikassett Behövs ej
    Batteritid, alkaliska batterier 30 timmar
    Varning för svaga batterier 1
    Kartongens storlek 26 X 10 X 8 cm
    Total fraktvikt 0,4 kilo
    Bruksanvisning Ja engelska
    Hörlursuttag Nej
    Hörlurar Nej
    Inbyggd högtalare Ja
    Vattentät Ja ner till 1 meter
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