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Profile 30 cm

Article number: 140

This is the right stuff for those who want to build a sluice box. This is a bottom profile for our DIY system.


The profile is 10 cm wide, 100 cm long. To build a "normal size" sluice you need 10 of these.

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  • Description

    When you are building your own Eldorado, you just cut the profiles to the width that you want your sluice to be. (If you want to build a sluice that is 30 cm wide, you buy pre-cut 30 cm profiles) Then you put the pieces together, in much the same way as putting together rake-up boards. The profile's joints fit each other perfectly. 

    Then screw on a pair of side pieces - for example, strips of sheet metal, plastic, boards or plywood form. The bottom profiles have pre-drilled holes for 2.8 to 2.9 mm screws.

    (We also have undrilled 1 m side peices in the same material, see Art. 144). 



    You can also use Eldorado profiles as inlays in U-shaped aluminum sluices. This way you can build a sluice in any width and any length.

    Each profile has different styles of traps. This is to catch all gold, from nuggets to micro. The depth of each trap is about 15 mm, and the "micro-traps" are just a few mm deep. The traps are also made ​​so that they can tolerate very large variations in water flow through the sluice. An Eldorado Special, 1 m long, has 100 traps!



    You can buy the profiles in lenghts of 30 cm and 100 cm. If you dont cut the profiles, you can build a 100 cm wide sluice!


    You'll probably want a leaner, more "normal" sluice width. Then the preferred width should be 50, 33, 25, or 20 cm pieces. The long profiles are 100 cm x 10 cm. Profile surface is 10 dm2.
    If you want to build a narrower sluice - for example 20 cm wide and 1 m long, you will need 20 dm2 of profile, that is 2 long profiles. That makes it a cheap sluice!



    You should be good at cut straight, and you have to screw it together yourself.