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Quest Diamond Digger

Article number: 653

This very popular Quest Diamond Digger Lesche knife is extremely strong and specially developed for excavating objects in hard or heavy soils. You can also easily cut through grass and other thin roots. The Diamond Digger has a non-slip handle and is very light. This knife has a notch in the middle for extra stability.

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  • Description

    Quest Diamond Digger

    Introducing the Quest Diamond Digger, the ultimate tool for treasure hunting enthusiasts. This Leache knife is a must-have when you are out detecting, as it effortlessly cuts through roots and helps you unearth those hidden bargains so easily.

    Product Features:

    • Made of synthetic material for durability and long-lasting performance
    • Special grooves on the side blade for cutting through roots with ease
    • Weight: 395 grams
    • Length: 32 cm
    • Blade width: 7 cm

    With the Quest Diamond Digger, you can dig deeper and faster than ever before. Its sturdy construction and razor-sharp blade enable you to tackle even the toughest soil conditions. Whether you're searching for relics, coins, or other valuable items, this digger will be your trusted companion.

    The Quest Diamond Digger is brought to you by Guldström, a reputable manufacturer known for their top-quality tools and equipment. Rest assured, this digger is built to withstand the rigors of your treasure hunting adventures.


    • 2x7" blade and 11.5" overall
    • Hollowed muddy guard to reduce weight
    • A strengthened central part to prevent bending
    • Handy belt holder included(holster)
    • Symmetric serrated edge for both hands
    • Contoured tip for balanced cutting and strengh
    • Tempered and precisely sharpened by CNC
    • Diamond pattern handle grip, no rotating
    • Stainless surface finishing


    • Total length: 29 cm
    • Handle length: 11.5 cm
    • Blade length: 17.5 cm
    • Blade width: 5.5 cm
    • Thickness of the cutting blade: 2mm

    Comes in a luxury package, including holster.

    Get your hands on the Quest Diamond Digger today and take your treasure hunting to the next level!

    Made by Quest Metal Detectors