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Supermagnet 10 X 10 mm.

Article number: 220

Super strong cylindrical Neodym magnet, 10 x 10 mm.

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  • Description

    We have the super magnets that you want. Whether you need them in your business, is an inventor or want magnets to something else. Magnets can be used for thousands of different things and on our pages you will find valuable tips and tricks.

    The magnet is strongest on it's flat surfaces. One side is north and the other is south.


    Diameter: 10 mm.

    Height: 10 mm.
    Weight: 12 gram
    Lifting capacity: 5 kg

    Our Neodymium magnets are extremely strong, never loses their strenght. The strength, however, is reduce by half after 40,000 years (!)


    If you need any particular sizes that we do not have in store, then please contact us and we will get back to you.
    While it's fun to play with magnets, our most powerful magnets are not "toys". If you get your fingers or other body parts caught between the magnet and for example, a piece of iron, it can cause substantial damage!
    The magnets are not completely insensitive to shock or impact. If you "drop" one of our magnets against a piece of iron or accidentally merge two magnets, it can damage the magnets.
    They can easily erase old floppy disc, videotapes, credit cards etc!