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Upper Shaft Minelab X-Terra

Article number: 3011-0384

Upper Shaft Minelab X-Terra

Compatible Minelab X-Terra 705, 505 and 305

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  • Description

    Upper Shaft Minelab X-Terra

    The Upper Shaft Minelab X-Terra is a high-quality product manufactured by Minelab, a leading brand in the field of metal detection equipment. This upper shaft is specifically designed to enhance the performance and functionality of the Minelab X-Terra series metal detectors. It provides the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, ensuring long-lasting use in various applications.

    • Compatible with Minelab X-Terra series metal detectors
    • Adjustable length for comfortable use
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Enhances stability and control during metal detecting
    • Lightweight design for reduced fatigue

    With the Upper Shaft Minelab X-Terra, you can take your metal detecting experience to the next level. Its ergonomic design and customizable length make it a versatile accessory for users of all heights. Whether you are detecting on the beach, in the field, or in other challenging environments, this upper shaft delivers exceptional performance and durability. Don't let an inferior shaft hinder your treasure hunting adventures - invest in the Upper Shaft Minelab X-Terra today!