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UV lamp 12 watt

Article number: 360

Battery powered UV hand light, both long- and short wave.


This model has a extra bright light.


With this light you will find precious gems, which would otherwise look like "any mineral".

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  • Description


    This is a proper UV lamp, not some cheap junk from Taiwan. It is made to find minerals and to verify gemstones. Not only to detect forged money (but it can of course do that too).


    When some minerals are illuminated with an UV light, they will re-emit the visible light of different colors for different minerals. (Diamond shines particularly well.)


    The lamp has both long- and short wave UV light. You can shine with only long wave, short wave alone or both the long- and short wave simultaneously. This way you can confidently determine which mineral you have found.


    UV light has made many rewarding discoveries of industrial minerals, that earlier mining geologists simply did not see.


    Battery powered with an in-built 220 volt charger. You can also connect it directly to a power outlet for continuous use.


    The book "The Story of Fluorescense" is included.


    Weight: 1.8 kilo.


    Gold doesn't light up in UV-light, unfortunately.