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V10 Vanquish 10 Inch Search Coil

Article number: 3011-0409

Minelab Vanquish 10 inch V10 search coil. All Vanquish search coils are supplied with a coil cover and fit all Minelab Vanquish metal detectors.

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  • Description

    V10 Vanquish 10 Inch Search Coil

    Discover Hidden Treasures with Precision and Ease

    Introducing the V10 Vanquish 10 Inch Search Coil, the ultimate tool for all treasure hunters! With its cutting-edge technology and top-notch performance, this search coil is designed to take your metal detecting experience to the next level.


    • Durable and lightweight construction for hours of comfortable use
    • 10 inch size for maximum coverage and improved detection depth
    • Compatible with Minelab metal detectors for seamless integration
    • Advanced search coil technology for precise target identification
    • Enhanced sensitivity for detecting even the smallest objects
    • Waterproof design for all-terrain exploration, including shallow water
    • Easy to install and swap with other search coils for customizable search options
    • Optimized for both beginners and experienced metal detectorists
    • Designed by Minelab, a trusted manufacturer in the industry

    Uncover hidden treasures with ease using the V10 Vanquish 10 Inch Search Coil. Whether you are searching for coins, relics, or jewelry, this search coil will enhance your metal detecting abilities and help you find valuable items that others may have missed. Get ready to embark on exciting and rewarding treasure hunting adventures with the V10 Vanquish 10 Inch Search Coil!

    Anyone who spends much time comparing targets with a Equinox and a Vanquish knows that a Vanquish will hit most targets an Equinox will hit. The performance is closer than people may want to imagine for most normal metal detecting, making Vanquish a genuine value.

    Vanquish came out with a different set of coils than the Equinox, to the chagrin of many Equinox owners, since they are not compatible.

    What is interesting is that the Vanquish coils are quite a bit less expensive, even in cases where they are physically larger than the Equinox coils. Part of this may be the windings and tolerances possibly being different. Vanquish coils seem thinner and lighter, and being able to keep the price down on them is critical to keeping the price of the detector down also. However, it is a mistake to think retail price has anything more than a loose connection to manufacturing cost. The rule is charge what the market will bear. And true story for anyone that wants to bother with the research - accessory items for expensive detectors often cost a lot more than the same accessories for lower price detectors. This is because most people who spend a lot on a detector are willing to spend more on accessories. Just ask any car dealer who sells both inexpensive and expensive cars.