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Weekly Championship Gold Panning Speedpan

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Rules for WC competitions (Weekly Championships) in Ädelfors.
In these competitions, everyone can participate, but you use a so-called Speedpan, which is a specially built competition goldpan.
Each competitor receives a bucket with about 10 liters of gravel. In the gravel there are 5 - 10 gold grains. Exactly how many, is secret. Only the judge knows. There are the same number of grains in each bucket. 
The number of grains usually varies from heat to heat.
For the competitor, it is important to wash out all the gold grains as quickly as possible, peel them in a plastic tube, screw on the cap and shout "Done!". Timers note the time. The tube is then left to the judge who counts the grains.
For each missed grain, a penalty time of 3 minutes is added. (If a competitor finishes after 6 minutes and 16 seconds, but misses 2 grains, he or she gets a finish time of 3.16 + 2 X 3 = 9.16 minutes. The one who gets the fastest finish time wins.

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    HEAT: Each heat may have a max. 20 competitors. Each knockout heat must have the same number of competitors (± one competitor) and the number of gold grains is the same or almost the same in these heats.
    WASHING TIME: Max. 20 minutes. Then the competitors have to get up from the place.
    TIME ADDITION: 3 minutes for each missed grain.
    TRANSFER: Removal, ie picking up sand from the washing area, is not permitted. Only sand from the bucket may be washed.
    WASHBASIN: ordinary mass-produced washbasin, in Speedpan own washbasins are allowed
    AIDS: No aids, such as sieve, surfactant, tweezers, etc. may be used.
    COMPETITION GOLD: 5 - 10 gold grains in each heat. Size: 0.5 to 1 mm.
    THE TUBE: The tube which, when the competitor has finished washing, must be shown to the judge, may also contain some sand. If there is so much sand in the tube that it is difficult to count the gold grains, or if the judge and the 
    competitor have different opinions about the number of gold grains in the tube, open for control.
    PROTESTS: Ev. protest must be received by the referee no later than 10 minutes after the heat is blown off. The judge decides the protest. What he decides can not be appealed. 
    Those who participate in our competitions must accept the judge's judgment and decision.
    DISHING: A competitor is washed if he takes over, has more gold grains in the pipe than was in the bucket, or cheats in another way. Furthermore, the competitor can be washed if he seriously disturbs his fellow competitors.
    LADIES AND CHILDREN can get a little less sand in the buckets than adult men get. The judge decides this before resp. HEAT.
    OTHER: The World Cup competitions should not be taken bloody seriously with millimeter precision. We meet to have fun ... ;-)