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XP 18''x15'' Wired HE Coil

Article number: 491/spole

18''x15'' Wired High Energy XP coil.

Fits XP for G-MAXX II, ADVENTIS 2, ADX150 - Reference XP3845.

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    XP 18''x15'' Wired HE Coil

    Product Description

    The XP 18''x15'' Wired HE Coil is a high-quality search coil designed for XP metal detectors. With its advanced technology and superior performance, this coil offers exceptional precision and sensitivity, making it ideal for both beginner and professional treasure hunters.

    Key Features:

    • Large 18''x15'' size for wide coverage
    • Wired design for easy installation and connection
    • Highly efficient in detecting targets in various soil conditions
    • Enhanced sensitivity to detect even the smallest metal objects
    • Durable construction for long-lasting use
    • Compatible with XP metal detectors

    Whether you are searching for coins, relics, or other valuable treasures, the XP 18''x15'' Wired HE Coil is an excellent choice. Its impressive performance and reliability will enhance your metal detecting experience and help you uncover hidden treasures with ease.

    Made in France by XP.