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XP Batea Gold Kit

Article number: 112

The XP Gold Pans, Classifiers, Batea and accessories offer the same outstanding quality found in all XP products!
XP Metal Detectors are launching a brand-new range of Gold Prospecting products. Take your Gold hunting to another level with our new range of XP pans, classifiers, batea and accessories.

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  • Description

    Blue Batea gold pan, a shift and accessories.

    Batea gold plastic pan.
    Large, 50 cm and deep that holds a lot of material. The Batean also has a stainless "defragmentation additive" that helps break up the material and the Batean also has a thimble-sized deep bowl that sits in the middle deep down in the gold pan and this small deep hole helps keep the gold from sliding out of the gold pan.

    The Batean is reinforced with "Honeycomb" patterns for better stability and it is really good and very stiff.
    Weight 800 grams.

    A blue sieve made for this particular gold pan, same color and solid design.
    The scope is 37 cm and targets anything larger than 10 mm and it is very robust.

    Then a very good suction bottle from XP is included.
    It comes with a small magnifying glass.
    A pipette to pick up the gold.
    Two small plastic tubes to store the findings in.
    A glass tube for the finer finds.
    Simple and concise manual in English.

    Complete package.
    Very good quality of the gold pan, sieve and suction bottle.
    Affordable and stylish.
    Perfect gift for someone.

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