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XP Deus II 11'' FMF Coil

Article number: 494/S

The new FMF (Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency) has the ability to search and detect the object much more faster and efficient than ever.

Waterproof down to 20 meters.

The Deus II has an automatic FMF system or according to the user program setting (manual). Deus II offer a very big frequency range witch start from 4khz to 45khz. This frequency range will open you a new doors for the new searching generation.

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  • Description

    XP Deus II 11" FMF Coil


    Fits XP Deus II

    The XP Deus II 11" FMF Coil is a high-performance search coil designed for the XP Deus metal detector. It is specifically tailored for enhanced target separation and deep target detection. With its advanced technology and superior construction, this coil will help improve your metal detecting experience and increase your chances of finding valuable treasures.

    Key Features:

    • 11" diameter for optimal coverage and depth detection
    • FMF (Fast and simultaneous Multi Frequency) technology for target identification
    • 49 frequencies: 4 - 45 kHz
    • Enhanced target separation for better discrimination of adjacent targets
    • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
    • Easy to install and replace
    • Compatible with XP Deus II metal detector
    • Battery life up to 20h depending on frequencies and programs used
    • Lightweight - only 470 gr
    • Fully waterproof up to 20 meters (65 ft)
    • Comes with coil cover, fitting kit and lower stem


    Enhance Target Separation:

    • Improved coil design with FMF technology allows for better discrimination between adjacent targets, reducing false signals and increasing target accuracy.
    • Efficiently detect multiple targets in the same area, enabling you to uncover more valuable items without wasting time.

    Deep Target Detection:

    • The 11" diameter provides ample coverage and depth detection, allowing you to detect targets that are buried deeper in the ground.
    • Maximize your chances of finding valuable treasures, even in areas that have been heavily searched before.

    Easy to Use:

    • Simple installation and replacement process make it convenient for all users, regardless of their experience level.
    • Compatible with the XP Deus metal detector for seamless integration and improved performance.

    Get the most out of your metal detecting adventures with the XP Deus II 11" FMF Coil. Its advanced technology, enhanced target separation, and deep target detection capabilities make it a valuable addition to any treasure hunter's arsenal.

    Made in France by XP Metal Detectors
    5 Years full warranty