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XP Gold Pan 27 cm – 11''

Article number: 124

XP innovates once again with a unique design of pans!
Equipped with 4 panning zones (Z4 technology, explained below), this pan is ideal for fine panning or finishing.

It is also the recommended size for children.

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  • Description

    XP Unique “Snake skin” texture benefits your panning process. It offers a higher efficiency when compared to the conventional pans. Ideal for trapping fine gold during the final finishing stage.

    Large 90° riffles : are used for the first clearing step. Ideal for washing and capturing large to medium sized gold
    Mini riffles : allow a higher level of separation between sand and gold. Trap small gold dust leaving the sand to drain away
    Sandy zone : is used with the conventional pans to separate fine gold. The XP snake skin texture can often be more successful.