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XP Pinpointer MI-6

Article number: 492

The MI-6 is the first pinpointer on the market to offer wireless connectivity to your XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX detector.
“If you have the XP then you must have the MI-6 pinpointer. This is the best detector & pinpointer combination available.” Quote from Gary Blackwell.

MI-6 is a waterproof Pinpointer up to 6 meters

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  • Description

    XP Pinpointer MI-6

    The XP Pinpointer MI-6 is a high-quality pinpointer designed for metal detecting enthusiasts. It is manufactured by XP, a reputable brand known for its advanced and reliable metal detecting equipment.


    • Enhanced Accuracy: The XP Pinpointer MI-6 provides precise and accurate targeting, allowing you to locate your target with ease.
    • Wireless Technology: This pinpointer uses advanced wireless technology, enabling seamless communication with your metal detector.
    • Waterproof Design: The XP Pinpointer MI-6 is fully waterproof up to 20 feet, allowing you to search for treasures in water bodies without any worries.
    • Multiple Tones: With multiple audio tones, this pinpointer helps you distinguish between different types of targets, making your metal detecting experience more efficient.
    • Rechargeable Battery: The built-in rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting power, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements.
    • Adjustable Sensitivity: You can easily adjust the sensitivity of the XP Pinpointer MI-6 to suit your specific metal detecting needs.


    Thanks to the wireless link between your MI-6 and your XP DEUS II, DEUS or ORX detector you can:

    • Adjust the sensitivity of your pinpointer from your detector's remote control
    • Hear the signals from your pinpointer in your headset
    • Locate your lost pinpointer, even if switched off
    • View the location chart on your remote control
    • Adjust the tone of your pinpointer
    • Check the settings of your pinponter on your remote control

    MI-6 is a waterproof Pinpointer up to 6 meters

    Settings and display on the DEUS II, DEUS or ORX of the MI-6 extended functions:

    • 50 levels of sensitivity
    • Adjustable tones
    • 2 audio modes
    • Battery level
    • 4 programs
    • Lost MI-6 search mode (even off and after several weeks)



    • Audio signal transmitted directly to the DEUS II, DEUS or ORX via wireless link
    • Interference suppression between MI-6 and XP DEUS or ORX
    • Water resistant to 6 meters
    • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    • Detection frequency: 12 kHz
    • Sensitivity: 3 levels (up to 50 if connected to DEUS or ORX) + retune
    • Led/vibrator/audio: ON/OFF
    • Audio mode: PULSE or PITCH
    • Holster, strap and charging cable included
    • Dimensions: W: 24 cm - D: 3.8 cm
    • Weight: 170 gr
    • T° of use: - 5°C to + 40°C
    • T° allowed under load: 0°C to + 35°C
    • 2 years warranty

    Made in France by XP Metal Detectors

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