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Goldprospekting kit, medium

Article number: 136/M

The medium kit is a greatly expanded starter kit, with more things that you will greatly benefit from when you're out in the streams and rivers to pan for gold.

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  • Description

    Contents of medium Kit:
    2 pieces of Klondike Special
    Panning pan of super plastic, which is incredibly strong. It weighs only 300 grams and obviously floats if it is accidentally dropped in the water. Diameter of 36.5 cm, depth 8 cm. The pan has a somewhat "rough" surface. It has five deep gold traps that effectively captures all the gold. This is certainly the best pan ever made and we are proud and happy that it is so popular. This is our best and most sold pan. Klondike Special is the only pan that does not need to be scrubbed clean before usage.
    Standard color is blue. (You may notify us if you want a black or green pan instead.)


    Henderson pump

    With this extremely efficent henderson pumpyou can suck up sand, gravel and gold from the bottom of the creek, between rocks etc, where it is hard to reach with a shovel.

    One or two strokes will fill a pan! Or empty the pump directly into a sluice box.


    The pump can go almost 1 meter down into the gravel, and when you reach the bedrock, it cleares the cracks where very effective. In short, you should not go out without this pump! Draw bar made from anodized aluminum! 87 x 6 cm, weight 700 gram.

    Note: You should be fast when emptying the pump into a pan, otherwise the gold will fall out of the pump.



    A sieve
    made completly out of durable plastic, with 10 x 10 mm mesh at the bottom. the sieve is used to filter out stones, coarse gravel, and to quickly and efficiently decompose clods of mud and plant parts. Panning is then twice as fast.


    A classic and affordable Watchmaker loupe, when you want to watch your stones and gold nuggets. 7.5 times magnification.


    Big glass bottle with screw cap 88 x 22 mm.

    Clear glass bottle of high quality. Suitable for storing gold. Glas bottles can be used to "mount" gold inside. Fill the bottle with water, drop in the gold and close the cap. You then place a blue label on the bottle that covers half of it. That makes the gold look twice as big and glows against the background.


    5 plastic tubes

    Made from clear polystyrene with screw cap. Used to store gold, concentrate or other mineral samples. Size 90 x 25 mm. Capacity 20 ml.


    Snuffer bottle

    1.5 dl. Plastic bottle with screw cap. Has a transparent plastic tube going through the cap. Makes extracting gold and values from your gold pan so much easer with suction. Squeeze the bottle and then release, this will draw the gold into bottle. Ideal for depositing gold into specimen bottles. All your gold is safely stored inside the bottle until you remove the cap.



    A special liquid that is used to reduce the surface tension of water. In a handy 50 ml. plastic bottle. It is used when one is going to pan microgold. Without Tenside fluid there is a great risk that microgold can be lost by being panned away. The bottle contains enough for thousands of pannings. This Tenside is totally harmless to the enviroment, it is biodynamic and is highly recommended! 


    Gold Sand
    Gold Sand in a plastic tube. The sand contains some sand and 10 genuine, hand panned natural gold nuggets. The contents of the plastic tube should be mixed with ca 1-2 liters of plain sand (which you provide yourself). When you in this way have made the sand gold-bearing, you can start practice gold panning and become familiar with how the gold behaves in the pan. With this gold sand panning can be trained over and over again. Tip: Practice panning over or in a tub or the like. If you accidentally lose some of the gold nuggets you will know where to find them...

    CD-rom gold panning in Swedish
    A 15 minute CD in Swedish, which clearly shows how to pan gold whit a pan and how to rig up and run a Sluice box . It only shows how to use the pan and Sluice box. If you are a beginner and want to learn on your own how you pan this is by far the best help you can get! Without a doubt.
    Gold Panning-start booklet
    This is a Getting Started booklet by Lars Guldström with the gold panning ABC. From the contents: facts about gold.
    Where to look?
    How to find good places.
    How do you pan.
    Is it gold or not? About mining claims.
    Gold Map of Sweden.
    How and where to learn more .
    24 pages. 27 images.




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Sluicebox with inst. cd
Sluicebox with inst. cd
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Sluicebox with inst. cd

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