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Quest Scuba Tector Pro

Article number: 400

The only pinpointer with tip only detection, so you know precisely where the target is.
No push button switches. The Vibra-Probe uses our unique tilt on & off technology, in addition to our traditional one-minute automatic-off battery saver. This translates into faster recovery times and longer battery life.
No annoying buzzers! The Vibra-Probe is the original pinpointer that communicates with vibration. It alerts only you that you've found a target.
Never worry about dirt, dust, mud or water because our unique sealed design is airtight and waterproof to a depth of 100 feet.
No fumbling with knobs! The Vibra-Probe 585 is fully automatic. The self-calibrating microprocessor-controlled circuitry requires no adjustments of any kind.
The included belt holster makes it easy to carry and always at the ready.
Package contents:
Vibra-Probe 585 Pinpointer Metal Detector
Belt Mountable Holster
9v Alkaline Battery
Instruction Manual & Warranty 

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  • Description

    Scuba Tector Pro

    The Scuba Tector Pro is a versatile and portable underwater metal detector that is perfect for those who want to push the limits of underwater adventures. It has a foldable and replaceable coil, a patented double joint, an extendable handle, a larger battery capacity and a powerful pulse induction system. This makes it the ultimate detector for both shore and underwater use.

    Before turning on the Scuba Tector Pro, make sure the angle between the handle and the coil is greater than 90 degrees, to avoid interference from the coil. Press the power button once to turn on the detector.

    One long and two short beeps will be heard, the battery indicator will flash red and turn off, and the display will show the battery status, alarm mode and sensitivity level for 3 seconds and then show “SCUBA TECTOR”.

    The white search light is on by default when the Scuba Tector Pro is turned on, but if this search light is disabled, it will turn off when the detector is turned on.

    The detector will automatically reset itself when turned on, so keep the detector away from metal objects when turning it on.

    To turn off the detector, press and hold the power button for 1 second. When the detector is turned off, the settings will be saved automatically.


    There are 3 detection modes: Sound, Vibration, Sound and Vibration While the detector is on, press the Mode button to switch between the detection modes.


    There are 4 levels of sensitivity. When the detector is on, click the power button while holding down the mode button and note the number of beeps.

    One beep indicates level 1 (low), two beeps level 2 (mid), three beeps level 3 (high) and one long beep is level 4 (Boost). Each click of the power button (while holding down the mode button) will cycle through the sensitivity levels.

    In highly mineralized areas the detector may produce false signals, in these cases it may help to reduce the sensitivity level.


    While the detector is on, press and hold the mode button for 4 seconds, then remove your finger when you hear a short beep. Then you can click the Mode button to disable or enable the search light.

    You must turn off the detector to save the searchlight setting.


    The lost alarm function reminds users to turn off the detectors when not in use and makes it easier for the user to find the detector if it is lost.

    If no button is pressed and/or if the detector does not detect any objects for 3 minutes, the lost alarm will activate and the detector will emit a long beep every 5 seconds for 3 minutes, then the detector will turn off automatically.

    You can stop the lost alarm by clicking a button or detecting a metal object.


    When the detector is on, you can reset the coil to the current ground conditions by pressing the reset button inside the body compartment for about 2 seconds, you will hear one long and 2 short beeps.

    The reset will not change the detector settings, it will reset to the current ground condition to minimize interference and false signals. When resetting the detector, there should be no metal objects within the detection area.


    The detector contains a built-in rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 1400 mAh. The battery lasts about 10~14 hours, depending on the detection mode. In standby mode, the Scuba Tector Pro's battery lasts about 20 hours.

    When the battery status is low, the battery indicator flashes red. The detector continues to work for a short period, but the sensitivity becomes a little lower and the detector turns off when the battery runs out.

    If possible, recharge the detector as soon as possible when the detector's battery runs out, to ensure the best search results. The detector can be charged with a USB charger, Power bank, a PC or in your car, with the charging cable included in the package.

    We strongly recommend that you use a qualified wall charger to charge the detector. It takes about 4~5 hours for chargers with an output voltage of 5V and current of 1A to fully charge the detector.

    PC USB ports provide lower current which can make charging time longer. When charging, the battery indicator is red. When it turns green, the battery is fully charged. The detector does not work while charging.

    The reset function is designed for ground balance on highly mineralized ground or to reduce the detection field. XPointerfamily detectors are powered by Pulse Induction technology that produces no false signals in salt water and mineralized soil.

    So you can use the re-engagement function to narrow the detection field and get closer to the target in a fast way. When the detector locates metal objects, slowly scan towards the object until the response increases or constant alarm.

    Then, without moving the detector, just press the power switch once to turn off the alarm and move the detector forward again until you hear the target. You can repeat the reset process to further narrow the detection field if needed.

    The reset function causes the detector to lose its detection depth. Reset the detector to full detection depth by simply turning the detector off and on again while keeping the detector away from metal objects.


    When you need to detect underwater more than 10 meters, you need to enter the diving mode before diving into the water, otherwise the water pressure will press the buttons.

    To enter DIVE MODE, when the detector is on, press and hold the power button (or mode button) for 5 seconds OR press the DIVE MODE selection button inside the body compartment for 1 second.

    The detector will make 5 short beeps, the display will show "DIVE MODE", and the white search light will flash every two seconds. The detector is in Standby mode now.

    In dive mode, every click on the mode button or the power button is useless because the buttons are locked and do not work. This means that you must ensure that the detector is set to the desired settings before switching to dive mode.

    To activate detection in DIVE MODE, you must turn the device upside down three times until you hear together and two short beeps. Now you can search.

    To return to standby mode, hold the detector pointing upwards for 5 seconds, until you hear a long beep and the search light starts flashing every two seconds again. Standby mode is designed to conserve battery power while the detector is not in use underwater.

    To exit dive mode, press the mode buttons 3 times. One long and two short beeps will be heard, the battery indicator will flash once in red and turn off, and the display will show the battery status, alarm mode and sensitivity level for 3 seconds, and then show "SCUBA TECTOR".

  • Specification
    Teknologi Puls induktion
    Diskriminering Nej
    Inbyggda minnesfack Nej
    Sökspole 2,5 cm
    Variabel känslighet -1
    Pinpoint 1
    Volymkontroll -1
    Markbalansering Automatisk
    Tonkontroll Nej
    Siffer & grafisk display -1
    Belyst display -1
    Fler finesser & möjligheter Vattentät ner till 30 meter
    Detektorn kan delas i 1
    Detektorns vikt 227
    Största längd, utdragen 35
    Batterityp 9 Volt 6LR61 blockbatteri
    Varning för svaga batterier 1
    Bruksanvisning Engelska
    Hörlursuttag Inget ljud, bara vibration
    Hörlurar Nej
    Inbyggd högtalare Nej
    Vattentät Ja, ner till 30 meter