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Small sluicebox

Article number: 146

Small Eldorado sluice


Assembled, easy to use and to clean up. The sluice is 15 cm wide X 50 cm long, and a CD-rom instruction video is included.


The Eldorado Special is one of our best selling product. It is a "normal" size allround sluice, a real "work horse".


It can be used just as a sluice or in combination with dredges.


The Eldorado Sepcial can be fed with a shovel, and can even handle large gravel. It is 20-50 times faster than a common goldpan.

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    Perfect when you don't have much space, or has a small amount of material to pan.


    The Eldorado Special has 5 different traps per 10 cm. In total it has 50 traps!


    The sluice is 50 cm long, 15 cm wide and 7 cm high.


    It is light weight, only 0.9 kg!


    Made of plastic, of course so it never gets "worn out". It doesn't rust, quiet operation. The deep blue color makes it easy to see the gold, even when the sluice is "working".


    The sluice can be "driven" slow to catch micro gold, or hard if you want to process large amounts of material. When driven at a "normal" rate you will catch all sizes of gold. You can also mount support legs on the sluice.


    It can be used for prospecting because of it's easy clean up. When you move between different places, you dont want any gold left in the sluice from previous places.


    A 15-minute swedish video on CD-rom is included.

    The video clearly shows how to pan for gold and use a sluice box.


    If you are a beginner and want to learn how to pan on your own, this is without a doubt the best help you can get!




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